Movehand‬ is proud to be invited to create a series of miniature Hong Kong classic buildings for local artist AngryAngry, in order to celebrate the Lunar New Year. These miniatures are built using our most advanced‪#‎3DPrinting‬ technologies and are currently exhibited at East Point City. Don’t miss it if you are a history lover or miniature photographer.

Also, starting on 30th January, we will be hosting on-site workshops to teach customers how to create their own accessories using 3D Printing. Stay tuned for more updates.

East Point City 東港城「3D打印藝術萬花園」
Date: 15 January – 21 February 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Venue: East Point City 1/F Floor Courtyard

農曆新年即將來臨,Movehand 很高興獲邀為本地藝術家 Angryangry illustration 製作一系列精美懷舊香港建築模型,並於將軍澳東港城「3D打印藝術萬花園」展出。
AngryAngry是本地著名的藝術家兼插畫師,Movehand利用卓越的 ‪#‎3D打印‬技術將其立體化的插畫設計,呈現香港人的「衣食住行」態度與本地情懷,喜歡香港歷史及微型攝影愛好者千萬不要錯過。現場更展出了 Movehand‪#‎WiseMaker‬ 3D打印機,示範3D打印運作。

東港城 East Point City「3D打印藝術萬花園」
日期: 2016年1月15日至2月21日
時間: 上午10時至下午10時
地點: 東港城1樓中庭

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